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Lieu Ne Vas Plus deals with the home. Be it one limited to a minimum, the one in ruins, an imagined one or one in transformation. An integral part of the exhibition is the space in which it materializes. The Pension Lutz in Munich Gern has been offering accommodation for decades, primarily to travelers, relatives of immediate neighbors and job seekers in Munich. It originally started as a family business but has been leased out for quite some time now. I know the Pension Lutz well, as my stepfather is running it for 13 years. At the latest since the start of the pandemic, the bed and breakfast concept is no longer viable. At the same time, the demand for rooms of all kinds is increasing in Munich, especially for living spaces. Accordingly, permanent tenants, I.e. people who simply cannot find a permanent home, are living in the Pension Lutz time and again.

The exhibition is meant to be a tangent to the boarding house, that is, it should not interrupt or disturb the life, that has taken place there in its special form. It is meant to run parallel to it and take a creative - decorative relationship with it. My stepfather Michael Jicha is a self - taught artist. For the past thirteen years he has vivified the house with naturalistic depictions of plants, insects and birds. The exhibition has been conceived alongside its circumstantial factors. Some of Jicha’s drawings have been included in the show and even inspired
other participants’ contributions.

For some time now, I have been thinking about Thomas Mann’s century - old story „Buddenbrooks“. In the novel Mann describes the rise and fall of a northern - German family dynasty. From a contemporary perspective, the matter - of - factness with which its characters spread out and take up space across sentences, pages and chapters is striking.

In contrast, I read the boarding house as a minimum: a minimum of space per head; a minimum of stories shared; traces attempted to be reduced to a minimum. The relationship between Thomas Mann’s story and the boarding house amounts to a clash of maximalism and self-evidence with minimalism and self-forgetfulness. I find and see reflected in the work of other contemporaries that the lives of those who are no longer young, who have not made a career and who are not granted a voice as a matter of course, leave traces and are significant. Pension Lutz is or has become a site that gives some of these people a place. The exhibition is intended to contribute to the visibility of the place and the significance of the work in hiding. Instead of seeing the concept of the bed and breakfast quietly disappear, I want to give expression to its importance with the help of contemporary artistic gestures and activities.
Group exhibition
at Pension Lutz, Munich


With works of Sophie Bates, Antonia Brown, Jānis Dzirnieks, Jakob Forster, Peter Forster †, Michael Jicha, Sofia Defino Leiby, Anna Łuczak, Jo Penca, Victor Santamarina, Daphne Simons

De Magnet (Part 1)
Seasonal Dates
Ramen, 3'50'' HD Video, Sophie Bates, 2020
English Dishes, 1'50'' Montage Video, Sophie Bates, 2020
Installation View: English Dishes, 1'50'' Montage Video, Sophie Bates, 2020
Installation View: Ramen, 3'50'' Montage Video, Sophie Bates, 2020
Ramen, 3'50'' HD Video, Sophie Bates, 2020
English Dishes, 1'50'' Montage Video, Sophie Bates, 2020
Curated by
Jakob Forster