Sophie Bates uk .1993
Rotterdam, Netherlands

It would be an enabling process
are you performing for the recording?
one word
it comes up
each other's company
each other's lives
each other's eyes
each other's backs or back
like you have each other's backs
flannels and backs
I don't want an end
ten flannels rubbed backs
sparkling water, gasoline
three threes and one

The Cave is the name for our collaborative practice formed in Rotterdam, 2017. Our time together is spent guarding a level of provisionalism.

We sang acapella under a quilt at Treize , Paris, in a basement in Rotterdam South and in the paleolithic Grotte de Spy, Belgium.

We will continue to support each other’s endeavours, abuse each other’s resources and share authorship in some but not all cases.

Future plans are to book a family room at easyHotel, hold hands with each other’s mothers and record a song that people will want to dance to.

wystawa realizowana we współpracy z Wydziałem Malarstwa i Nowych Mediów Akademii Sztuki w Szczecinie oraz z STIPS - Film Services Szczecin

Untitled, patchwork textile and performance costume, made by the Cave, 2017
between playing the model and the muse, video, made by Sophie Bates, 2017 (below for video, password: flapper)
Untitled, drawing by Sophie Bates, frame Katharina Cameron, 2017
Untitled, collaborative works, textile and video by the Cave, 2017
The Cave video by The Cave, 3mins, 2017 (below for video)

left: Untitled, framed scanned images, Katharina Cameron, 2017 / right: Conference Cone, video, 5mins, Sophie Bates, 2017 (below for video)
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between playing the model and the muse, video, made by Sophie Bates, 2017
between playing the model and the muse, video stills, Sophie Bates, 2017