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Outfit Days
During 2020 and 2021, like so many other people around the world, I worked from home. I worked in my bedroom for 6 months, next to my bed and beside my clothes rails. I decided to photograph myself in a different outfit from my wardrobe each morning. This was a routine that attempted to help me “function” from home. It meant I had to get dressed every day regardless of what I was doing or if I had anywhere to go.

Each day I tried to have someone in mind while getting dressed. It didn’t happen everyday and they are not included in the magazine but I wanted to mention the idea of it here.

This magazine includes all the dates I was working from home and all the days I did and did not take a self portrait. The project is called Outfit Days, which is a sort of working title that seemed to fit and never got replaced by anything more stylish. The design of the magazine is done by a great, old friend and designer, Lucy Tomlinson, based in London, who is also an excellent Pilates teacher. And a final special thanks to Jeroen van de Steen, at omnivoor printing services, Rotterdam who helped me do the finishing print adjustments. Printed in the Netherlands at Print.com!


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De Magnet (Part 1)
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