(b.1993, London) is a British artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who works with video, film, performance, photography and live events. She graduated with a Master in Fine Art from the Piet Zwart Institute (NL) 2018 and holds a Bachelor in Fine Art from Newcastle University (UK) 2016.

Her works are explorations into intimate human relations through relating and sharing experiences of people she meets. They depict the way people relate through body language, humour, performances of courtesy, the failure of language and finding space to be oneself. She is a vigilant observer and uses observation as a springboard to begin her process. Her habitual documenting practice is a way to understand or make sense of experiences and go back to them. She is concerned with understanding herself and others better through her art practice.

She is part of WET ( a Rotterdam-based collective and project space for artists’ moving image. We provide a platform for exhibitions, screenings and workshops, with a focus on artworks which challenge existing orthodoxies, and propose alternative historical, political and aesthetic perspectives. We host a monthly online screening programme, accompanied by a podcast. WET also acts as a support structure for both its members and the artists with whom we work, assisting in the production of works through the exchange of labour, equipment and expertise.