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Lamp Post Diner
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Special, Smothered
Women Eating on Camera
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The Cave
Conference Cone
GERI, Performance, 10'' (2019)
I performed a monologue to camera to an audience at a bar as part of a performance night in Rotterdam. The text was taken from a documentary made by Molly Dineen in 1999 about Geri Halliwell and her departure from the Spice Girls. I engaged with the words as if they were my own. The piece slowly reveals Geri’s character and discusses fame, ego and the highs and lows that come with being in the public eye. I wore camouflage as though I was hiding from the press and requested members of the audience to film me and hold my text.
Outfit Days
Sunless Sleepless
Lieu Ne Vas Plus
De Magnet (Part 1)
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