Lamp Post Diner is a re-enactment of an online article - which appeared as clickbait on the artist’s web browser - about a pregnant waitress and a police officer in a diner in New Jersey USA. The story was reported by the website Brides Blush, “a one-stop shop for all brides;” the re-enactment brings together a New Jersey story, a British Police Officer and a leisure centre cafeteria in Rotterdam.


This story was taken from
written by JJ Foster
12th October 2019

Courtney Cadigan : Kari Robertson
Police Officer : Ryan Cherewaty
2nd Waitress : Erika Roux
Brian : Ted Kok
Frank : Tom Lowe
Nick Hionas : Antonio de laHera
Other Customers : Seba & Shania Bakarbessy
Other police officers : Jakob Forster, Daan Muller

Music : Gianfranco GFN and Band (live)
CBB - Bienne - Switzerland, 2017

Huge thanks to the actors,
Recreatiecentrum Oostervant - Rotterdam
and Uniformverhuur Nederland.

Special thanks to Amy, Ghislain, Erika, Marta,
Anna, Nick, Honey, Lotte and Ewan
for generous support and feedback.
Lamp Post Diner, HD-video, 10mins (2020)
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